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Advice and Planning


Active Insurance Services - Independent financial and insurance advisor for all your insurance needs.
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Batex Investments Inc. - Specialize in acquisitions of Insurance Agency businesses.
Bradex Insurance Brokers Limited - They can help you by delivery the value of independent professional advice.
Compliplan - Compliplan is an insurance - regulatory compliance planning and information service.
Cook & Company, Inc. - They provide administration, consulting services and insurance products designed to control the cost of insurance.
Fries and Fries Consulting - Provides management, sales and automation consulting for the insurance industry.
Graham Financial Services - Their mission is to give their clients the multiple lines insurance consultant and advice.
Graham Sykes Insurance - They advise their clients on their insurance needs, arranging cover with insurers to meet their requirements and helping them with any ongoing changes they may make.
Harris Insurance Advisors - Provides low cost, high quality products and services that are fair, honest and in the best interest of their clients.
Holmes and Hodges - Clients appreciate their availability and knowledge in answering all their insurance related questions honestly, using examples they can understand.
Illingworth McNair, Ltd. - The advice and planning given by their experienced professionals is free and comes with no obligation.
Instant Online Insurance - They are an internet consultancy, rather than a traditional broker and they specialise in finding the keenest prices for all major insurance products available on the web.
Insurance Land - They provide sound advice and help you decide how much coverage you need.
Insurance Portfolio, Inc. - Their commitment in providing the best independent business advice continues as the cornerstone of their client relationships.
J.C. Mitchell Insurance Group, Inc. - Their people begin by offering solid advice based on proven facts and information. Understanding needs and problem solving with a personal touch are the keys to making their selling strategy successful.
LifeHelp - Developing an alliance strategically tailored to the administration requirements of your company.
Madison Consulting Group - Provides technical advice to financial institutions.
Membrila Insurance Services, Inc. - They are here to help, answer and advise on any questions you might have.
Merger and Acquisition Services - Provides financial advisory services for the insurance industry.
Nick Insurance - Provide advice and planning to enhance the financial worth of customers, then provide the insurance to secure that wealth at the lowest compared price.
R.A. Lotter Financial Group - Provides planning professionals with products, training and support services.
Rempel Insurance Brokers - They advise their clients and allow them the opportunity to select a policy which best suits their needs.
Ribelin Lowell & Company, Insurance Brokers, Inc. - They know the Alaska market and will analyze your current insurance program and costs, offer solutions and recommend alternatives when appropriate.
Robert J. Alico Insurance Agency - They are your friendly, personal insurance adviser, located right in your neighborhood.
Siver Insurance Consultants - Provides corporate and government clients with independent advice and opinions on matters involving insurance.
Tim J. Paluszak Insurance, Inc. - They specialize in design a protection plan that's suited to your needs.
Trustmark Insurance Company - Turn to Trustmark for quality insurance plans and administration, freedom of choice, excellent network capabilities, personal service and active cost management.
UK Life Insurance Advice - Offers life insurance advice by each specific policy. Also features online life insurance quotes.

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